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Elly Vvaller Studio was created out of a deep love of minimal design and vivid color.  Combing a love of illustration, fine jewellery and antique printing techniques, we create luxury stationery that celebrates  connection.  

Over a decade since Elly left London and a career in fashion merchandising and opened the doors to her studio, she is now based in Stockholm, Sweden with her young family. Designing and creating unique paper products that create connections, Elly strongly believes that paper enhances our relationship with ourselves and one another. Her collections and custom work reflect her love of minimal design and vivid color in creating stationery that can preserve our written historical archive.  

In addition to our stationery, we have launched a series of Birchwood Art Trays, featuring Elly's unique illustrative style and designed, much like our stationery, for fostering connection. 

We hope our trays become treasured heirlooms that are not only useful but create a beautiful impact in your home too.  

Our stationery and trays are designed and made in Sweden.  We work closely with small printing houses and heritage birchwood tray makers, whilst also foil pressing inhouse. 
We source premium FSC - certified papers from Sweden and UK.  All of our foil pressed cards are handprinted on a repurposed antique press in house.   Each greeting or note card is hand fed into the machine and is individually impressed.  We love the slow and thoughtful art of printmaking and the luxurious imprint it leaves in the paper. 

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